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Anonymous said: Hello all, I'm already part of the 2018 ganga, and am wondering if there is any kind of AAA like eating disorder related group in place. I've always struggled with my image, as do roughly 80 percent of women on average, and have no problem talking about it. Is Bennington aware of this problem, or more importantly, are they trying to help and talk to those in the student body who have similar disorders? Thankyou lots!


What a great question — coming from LA, I was raised under the (fairly subconscious) impression that beautiful = skinny….until I got to Bennington and realized I was being force fed (oh ho ho) a bunch of crap.  In fact, my creative thesis at Bennington concerns itself greatly with eating disorders, so I end up talking to a lot of people on campus about body image/self image.  We don’t necessarily have an official “support group” per se, but one of the defining factors of the Bennington social experience is the ability to actually “go there” about anything…truly anything…we *want* to have those conversations.  So please come and talk up a storm…it’s so important that we create a space where these issues can be voiced.  It’s up to us to reclaim our pride in our bodies and feel beautiful :)

— Parke ‘15

I just wanted to add that there are resources and support on campus currently with continued events and programming sponsored by the Bennington Wellness (BeWell) group on campus. If you need anything, have questions, or want to see something happen as far as events and program goes, please email

The Bennington College Wellness Peers (myself and three other students which continues to grow) welcome your questions and suggestions for programming, speakers, and services you’d like to see on campus. The Wellness Peers serve as wellness liaisons, referring and connecting students and administration. Again, just please email with your input.


Here is a video that got me so excited to come home! Please enjoy this wonderful snapshot of last term, provided by my friend Erika Lygren.

-Alana ‘15

That is all, I just love love love this video!


NYC PRIDE HIGHLIGHT: This finally happened and Tegan is more down to earth than I could have dreamed of!

I am blogging this because I want remember these moments, but I also want to consolidate my blog


NYC PRIDE HIGHLIGHT: This finally happened and Tegan is more down to earth than I could have dreamed of!

I am blogging this because I want remember these moments, but I also want to consolidate my blog

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Watching this just makes the word a little bit better

So true!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! We can’t wait to see you in the Fall :)

Alana = Bennington!
Stop sitting on that bench and come join the fun!

Behind the scenes, behind the sleeves of a goofy video from Thursday morning shift! Enjoy!

-Alana and Arden

My final project is very open ended for my Experiential Anatomy class. I wanted it to be personal so I decided to dig in and learn more about the ossification process of bones when they are healing from a break (I currently have a broken humerus bone from arm wrestling for charity).

I was in my friend Tess’s room getting lost in science research on my screen and beginning to get frustrated. Tess is studying medical anthropology and has her eyes set on med school post Bennington. She asked what I was working on and then enthusiastically dropped her math homework and brought my to “her section” of the library. I was so scared as I am taking my first bio class this term, but glad to have a friend to help me find what I needed. 

Little did I know, I would find my friend Sam working on his research for his performance project about the fluids of the body. He was calling on the help of a fellow student Hillary for her neuroscience wisdom and problem solving in the library!

Just thought I would post about collaboration at it’s finest!

Have a great Weekend!

Spring called to take us out of the office on a nice meandering walk through campus while the flowers started blooming…

-Alana, Glennis, and Julia ‘15

Bennington Dancers!!!

Over her last Field Work Term at Bennington, Corina Dazel worked with her dream company in D.C. You can read more about her adventures here. She is the co-founder of Movement Collective, a movement arts engagement group on campus. Her other half talks a bit about a plan in dance at Bennington which you should read about too! Lastly, you should check out this amazing video that some lovely folks of the Movement Collective Ensemble put together last term!
Please enjoy,
Alana ‘15