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CONGRATULATIONS!!! We can’t wait to see you in the Fall :)

Alana = Bennington!
Stop sitting on that bench and come join the fun!

Behind the scenes, behind the sleeves of a goofy video from Thursday morning shift! Enjoy!

-Alana and Arden

My final project is very open ended for my Experiential Anatomy class. I wanted it to be personal so I decided to dig in and learn more about the ossification process of bones when they are healing from a break (I currently have a broken humerus bone from arm wrestling for charity).

I was in my friend Tess’s room getting lost in science research on my screen and beginning to get frustrated. Tess is studying medical anthropology and has her eyes set on med school post Bennington. She asked what I was working on and then enthusiastically dropped her math homework and brought my to “her section” of the library. I was so scared as I am taking my first bio class this term, but glad to have a friend to help me find what I needed. 

Little did I know, I would find my friend Sam working on his research for his performance project about the fluids of the body. He was calling on the help of a fellow student Hillary for her neuroscience wisdom and problem solving in the library!

Just thought I would post about collaboration at it’s finest!

Have a great Weekend!

Spring called to take us out of the office on a nice meandering walk through campus while the flowers started blooming…

-Alana, Glennis, and Julia ‘15

Bennington Dancers!!!

Over her last Field Work Term at Bennington, Corina Dazel worked with her dream company in D.C. You can read more about her adventures here. She is the co-founder of Movement Collective, a movement arts engagement group on campus. Her other half talks a bit about a plan in dance at Bennington which you should read about too! Lastly, you should check out this amazing video that some lovely folks of the Movement Collective Ensemble put together last term!
Please enjoy,
Alana ‘15

I just came back from being out on tour and, although it is not snowy on commons lawn today, I thought this would help me picture the best days of the winter months in Vermont!-Alana ‘15

I just came back from being out on tour and, although it is not snowy on commons lawn today, I thought this would help me picture the best days of the winter months in Vermont!

-Alana ‘15

A Bennington Summary…

I know I posted this about a week ago, but I can’t help but love this video. You should all go and watch it right now:

Just click on this link

or this link or even think link

or this link.

All these links are about the same, these links all direct you to the one place you should be heading to on this web, which is:

So I am in the midst of FWT and I have met so many amazing people. I am just about half way done and I just wanted to reflect on one amazing weekend I had the other week….

For a short rundown, I am working with Ziah, the director of a Tribal Fusion Dance Company in Atlanta, GA. I am learning administrative work, event planning, taking classes, sitting in on rehearsals, having conversations with dancers about the role dance takes in one’s life, and helping to host TribalCon, an annual music and dance convention in February!

First picture:
My supervisor dancing to live bagpipes in Friday night show.

Second picture: Three lovely women of Awalim, the dance company I’m working for.
Third picture: The other wonderful circus-burlesque-and-bellydance folk I lived with the other weekend at their annual Festival of Doom!!! A lot happened in one weekend - everything from a Treehouse talk to thrift store shopping to seven performances to warehouse folk dance parties to massive communal egg scrambles in the morning.

Although I am missing all my Bennington family, I am loving this new experience of Tribal Fusion!

Here are some snapshots we took of Andrew McIntyre, our AMAZING pure math teacher. He was using a yoga ball to draw out concepts of spherical geometry, proving to us that latitudinal lines are not parallel straight lines and that some triangles have internal angles that add up to more than 180 degrees! HOW EXCITING :D We though so…
The math nerds,
Alana and Glennis